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Letters without Envelopes
Individually written handwritten notes
Features include:
  • Each letter is individually generated and drawn
  • The handwriting contains unique micro-imperfections, just like real handwriting
  • Created using premium materials
Most Popular
Letters with Envelopes
A letter asking to be opened, whenever its given.
All features of Letters without envelopes, plus:
  • The address is also handwritten
  • Envelopes are made from premium materials
Letters, Envelopes, and Delivery
An unusual and authentic delivery.
All features of letters with envelopes, plus:
  • Delivered directly to your customers and clients
  • Postage included

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can dispatch your letters within 3 business days. Contact us directly if you need your letters to be sent sooner.

  • No. We use machine learning algorithms and robots to mimic real human handwriting, with small imperfections and variations from line to line. You can find more information on our how it works page.

  • Yes we can! Please send us a message to find out more.

  • Once you've created a campaign, review the pages and purchase the campaign.

  • Yes, we can send them to your business address.

  • We can send your letters in unsealed envelopes to your business address for further processing by your team.

  • There isn't a minimum order quantity. We offer discounts after the first 100 items.

  • We ship worldwide.

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