Handwritten marketing for clients and customers

Create handwritten direct mail campaigns to grow faster and increase customer lifetime value.

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What our customers are saying

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Atlas Consulting B.V.

Instead of sending emails, I used lettergun to create 100 letters and received 17 responses.

John Mathews · Data Scientist

Remarkably realistic handwritten notes. Typed by you, written by robots.

Create memorable marketing campaigns.

Handwritten direct mail is more efficient than any other marketing channel. With Lettergun, direct marketing is also as easy sending email.

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Save time, let our robots write your letters for you.

No typos, and they don't get tired. Each handwritten letter is unique and appears natural with micro-imperfections.

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Handwritten letters make you exceptional.

No one else is sending your customers handwritten letters. Delight and surprise them with a personal note.

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How it works

We use AI to generate natural handwriting from your text. Our robots use premium inks and stationery to create personalised letters that appear to be handwritten.


Create a Campaign

Similar to an email campaign, create a template and add placeholders. Then upload a .CSV file with tags for each placeholder.


Our AI creates the handwriting

The handwriting for each letter is individually rendered from your template and tag file.


Our robots write each page

The handwriting is written onto paper using a premium pen held by our robots.

The handwriting isn't a font and each letter is subtly unique, just like real handwriting. The shape of letters and words varies from line to line with miniature imperfections.

Powerful marketing for authentic brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can dispatch your letters within 3 business days. Contact us directly if you need your letters to be sent sooner.

  • No. We use machine learning algorithms and robots to mimic real human handwriting, with small imperfections and variations from line to line. You can find more information on our how it works page.

  • Yes we can! Please send us a message to find out more.

  • Once you've created a campaign, review the pages and purchase the campaign.

  • Yes, we can send them to your business address.

  • We can send your letters in unsealed envelopes to your business address for further processing by your team.

  • There isn't a minimum order quantity. We offer discounts after the first 100 items.

  • We ship worldwide.

Request a demo and receive a handwritten letter.