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When Direct Mail Becomes Personal

· July 22, 2022

When was the last time you received a letter? Not a bill, or a letter about your overdue dental appointment but a real, live letter. What about a handwritten letter? Even thank you cards don’t seem to be the way to thank someone anymore, everyone uses email, text or WhatsApp.

The Effects of Handwritten Direct Mail

A letter that’s been handwritten is more personal than any other channel. There’s genuine effort and intent that goes into writing a letter by hand. This is always appreciated, no one throws a handwritten letter in the trash without thinking about it first.

Think back to the last hand-written letter you received. Remember those beautiful letters from grandparents, or friends from overseas?

Direct Mail Benefits From Being Handwritten

Direct mail is an area that would greatly benefit from including handwritten elements. We’re used to receiving typed, mass-produced direct mailouts from multiple companies. Sometimes they contain relevant and timely information, but they usually lack that personal touch that customers appreciate and remember.

Everyone likes to receive a letter – but no one writes them anymore. So there’s an opportunity to use the power of handwritten letters for marketing purposes. Want to know more? Subscribe to our blog for tips and news about how to build effective direct mail campaigns.

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