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How Can Sending Handwritten Letters In The Mail Help My Business?

· Sept. 2, 2022

Handwritten letters may seem old-fashioned, but there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using them in your business.

Here are five ways handwritten notes will help your business:

They're More Personal

With so many people communicating electronically these days, it's easy for messages to feel impersonal and cold. A handwritten note stands out from the crowd because it shows that you took time to craft a message specifically for your recipient. Handwritten notes convey that extra bit of effort that goes into them and show that you care about your reader enough to take the time to write something personal for them.

They Don't Get Lost in Translation

When you send an email, there's always the chance that it won't be received as intended by the reader due to a misunderstanding of what was intended in the first place. With handwritten letters, there's less room for error because they're shorter and communicate exactly what you mean without any chance of misinterpretation.

Handwritten Letters Are Better Outreach Than Email

If you're trying to reach new customers or partners, handwritten notes are more effective than email. Emails can be left unread and forgotten, while a handwritten letter will stand out as personal and thoughtful.

Handwritten Letters Make Great Sales Materials For B2B Companies

Businesses that sell directly to other businesses can use handwritten letters as part of their sales materials. It's something that's unique and different from the competition. It will stand out from the many emails you get every day.

Handwritten Letters Help Build Relationships With Clients And Partners

When you personally write notes to thank people for working with your company, or buying from you, it helps build stronger relationships with those people. They'll see how much effort you put into the relationship and will want to continue working with you because of that effort.

Handwritten letters are simply better outreach than email.

Handwritten Letters Are Better Than Email

It might sound crazy but it's true. Handwritten letters have a much higher response rate than emails. The problem is that it's not easy to write handwritten notes today. It takes a long time, so most people don't write them anymore.

I'm going to share with you how I got started sending handwritten notes and how it helped grow my business.

When you think of business, what do you picture? Office buildings and cubicles? People in suits and ties? A laptop, a tablet or a smartphone?

While technology has transformed the way we do business today, there are still some things that can only be done on a piece of paper. And the best way to get someone's attention is still through handwritten letters.

Handwritten letters have been around for centuries, but they're barely used by younger generations who prefer email, text messaging and social media over snail mail. That's unfortunate because handwritten notes have many advantages over electronic communication:

They're more personal than emails or texts. When you send an email to someone, it goes out to everyone on their mailing list — unless they've added your email address to their contacts list — so it doesn't feel like it was written just for them. But when you handwrite a letter and address it specifically to an individual person, it feels like you're speaking directly to them instead of broadcasting your message to everyone at once.

They're difficult to ignore, and much more intriguing than emails or texts.

The art of handwritten letters is making a comeback.

In an age where most people get their news from social media and email newsletters, it's easy to forget the importance of handwritten notes. The right letter can help you connect with customers, colleagues, clients and even potential prospects in a way that an email or social media post can't.

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