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Handwritten Direct Mail Delivers Remarkable Results

· July 25, 2022

The best thing about receiving a personal letter is that it’s handwritten - you imagine the writer sitting down and thinking especially of you as they put pen to paper.

Most people rely on social media and digital marketing channels, but when you use a handwritten letter as a direct marketing tool, you get noticed because it’s so unusual. Using

Lettergun can differentiate your business. You can quickly send handwritten letters to customers, using names and referring to past purchases and inquiries as you would in an email campaign.

Another benefit is trust. A handwritten letter feels like it is written especially for the recipient. This makes your business feel more trustworthy and credible. Including details specific to the customer is much more effective than simply typing “Dear Reader” in printed direct mail. Customers and clients feel valued, and engagement increases. Sending handwritten direct mail conveys honesty and gains attention. It also builds brands relationships and creates sticky customers, increasing customer lifetime value (CLT).

Increase Sales With a Handwritten Direct Mail Campaign

The next time your designing a marketing campaign, think differently from your competitors. Grow your business and increase customer lifetime value by using a handwritten Lettergun campaign. Your brand will be stronger and your customers will feel special. They'll talk about your business and remark on how attentive and personal you are.

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