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3 Reasons Why Direct Mail Should Be Used As Part of a Marketing Campaign

· July 20, 2022

The rise of social media has decreased demand for direct mail and print marketing. Despite this, and because of it, direct mail marketing has unique strengths! Here are 3 reasons why you should consider using direct marketing:


Without direct marketing you risk losing entire demographics, particularly millennials. Some of your customers have grown up with direct mail and they rely on it. It’s the type of marketing material that they relate to and feel comfortable with. It’s pinned on the noticeboard and kept safe for when they might need the service or product at a later date.


There are also real benefits to personalised direct mail marketing compared to mass marketing. You reach your leads by communicating with them in a way they’re used to. You can also personalise products or services, giving information that is specific to each reader. There are so many other benefits too, so let Lettergun tell you more about why direct mail is underused (and why it should be used more!).

Why is Direct Mail an Underutilised Marketing Channel?
  1. The art of putting pen to paper and writing to a friend, an acquaintance, or a business associate is something that’s missing from our lives. Think about how excited you are when you see a handwritten envelope with your name on it. A letter and not a bill! Not a note from the tax man advising you of a new tax code, but a genuine letter. People are excited when they receive handwritten letters – and that’s where Lettergun could play an important role.
  2. Direct mail is unexpected – there’s the element of surprise and this makes the marketing message extra impactful. When a colourful envelope drops onto your doormat with your name on it, it’s really wonderful! Open it up – it’s even more unexpected when it’s handwritten. With other marketing channels, you lose that unexpected feeling which makes receiving direct mail so much more effective.
  3. It’s personal. Adverts on social media, print media and TV are not personalised. Do you need a lawnmower if you don’t have a lawn to mow? Your marketing budget is being wasted. Perhaps you don’t have a dog, but you keep seeing adverts for nutritious dog food? There’s nothing personal about this type of marketing, because an algorithm is making all the decisions. Direct mail is entirely personal, and even more so when written by hand in a way that speaks to the customer using personal details.

Direct mail is growing again. New services like Lettergun leverage personalisation and scalability to deliver positive moments that are memorable and distinctive. This scalable personalisation makes it an excellent marketing tool that make customers sit up and take note.

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